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2012 Erie Gold and Silver News



Ebay change of rules of how graded U.S. coins can be auctioned online.


Only NGC and PCGS Graded coins will be allowed to be listed on ebay as graded coins proper.

As most legislation appears at first to be "helpful," it's really a guise for something else. At the simplest level it allows a couple of entities only to drive the coin market, acts to protect less informed ebay bidders but really infringes upon free market ideals.

Auction Bytes article >>

5 moves a Federal Reserve follower is making now.


Investors are living in Ben Bernake's world for now. Interesting point of view from trader James Bianco. Stating that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake is currently driving the bus in the stock market and his five recommendations he professionally advises.

“They are central planners,” not central bankers, Bianco said about monetary policy makers nowadays. “It is a big problem that is permeating all of the investment choices we have.”

Market Watch Article >>


Spain cuts of 27bn euros this year

Spain is cutting 27bn euros ($36bn; £22.5bn) from its budget this year as part of one of the toughest austerity drives in its history.

BBC Article here >>


No real newsworthy topics...


What really caused the Eurozone Crisis?

Article from the end of 2011; but still an interesting look at the countries involved and the lead up to the current Eurozone Crisis as reported from the BBC.

BBC Article here >>


2011 Archived News >>


2010 Archived News >>


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